Gareth Watkins

Voice Artist

Versatile, Dynamic & Trustworthy – perfect for your brand

My Skills


I’m able to offer very subtle variations in vocal delivery that can have a specific effect on your audience or to suit your branding.


I tend to work very quickly. This helps with your costs and turnaround time.

Highly Adaptable

Every job I do is very different from the last, and every client is working under different conditions with different expectations and levels of experience. I’m happy to adapt to your needs and the requirements of the script, the story or the branding to see what we can do together.


I have 25 years worth of experience in all areas of the industry – in TV, film, theatre and voiceover.


I take my work very seriously, but I always retain a sense of play at the heart of my creative process.


Most voice-over relies on scripted text, but I have years of live improv experience if that’s what you’re looking for.


Many clients – in narrative, animation and advertising – require multiple characters and accents. I’m happy to work with you to explore and develop these.


I enjoy working alongside directors, clients and producers, taking notes and trying out variations in order to deliver work to a very high specification.


Most voice-over relies on scripted text, but I have years of live improv experience if that’s what you’re looking for.

About Me

As a professional stage and screen actor with over 25 years experience I have built a reputation for being personable, adaptable and very easy to work with.

Originally from South Wales I have lived in London for most of my adult life. I speak with a natural English R.P. but can easily revert back to a native Welsh accent.

Rydw i hefyd yn siarad Cymraeg!

I also speak Welsh!

Whether it’s commercials for much loved brands, voices for computer games or narration for audio-books and documentaries I have the range, sparkle and pitch-perfect tone to lift your project to the next level.

I’m your

  • Empathetic friend
  • Reliable pair of hands
  • Easy-going dad
  • Masculine soldier
  • Mystical sage
  • Sardonic mate
  • Camp brother
  • Cheeky bloke down the pub
  • And whole range of accents (ask me… I can probably do it!)

When people hear my voice, they feel like they already know me!

Gareth took part in a voiceover role for a film project I was directing. I found his approach to the role, as well as his performance, to be exemplary; he asked pertinent questions about the character and his motivations in order to shape his performance, and was easy to collaborate with in terms of getting the type of performance that I was looking for.

It was a pleasure to work with him and I would not hesitate to recommend him for a similar voiceover role.

Valerie Saint-Pierre

How About This

Gareth is a natural-born storyteller with an intuitive feel for language. He can make anything interesting.
Julia Moody

Voice Consultant

Working with Gareth was a delight. He was able to bring our scripts to life and collaborate with us to create exactly what we were looking for. A friendly, professional and engaged voice.
Nick Clinch

Notable Voices

Gareth is a pleasure to work with. His voiceover for our documentary about a fictional focus group hit the perfect note, conveying both the seriousness of our aims and the humour of its format.

His intelligent and perceptive performance made some complicated concepts much easier to convey.

Ruth Catlow


I'm looking forward to hearing about your project